#1 Reason you App is Failing

#1 Reason you App is Failing
You’ve spend hours of time developing the idea, weeks to develop the game, and days waiting for your game to be accepted into the marketplace. Many expect a trickle of gamers to try out your game and from the publicity you are sharing on the game, you hope others will try it out and your popularity will grow.


But in never happens.


Why is that? Most might say it’s a sea of games that are covering the landscape. It’s very hard to make your game known in the marketplace. But at TestBird, we’ve seen time and time again the biggest reason is poor compatibility and QA testing.


Though less than 2% of the apps downloads are reviewed, many reviews come back with issues of installation errors, bugs that crash or freeze the game, and UI that doesn’t appear or makes the game look bad. Quality is a growing issue in mobile games as the tools have grown to make more complicated and beautiful games.


TestBird has been at the forefront of making sure your game looks its best, allowing the experience to be the judge of a game and not the issues. Our mobile game automation testing has helped over 15,000 apps around the world find bugs that could have taken days or weeks to find in 24 hours and delivers the information to you in a comprehensive report.


Try us now with a free trial, and be a part of a better gaming experience in mobile.

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