10 Tips for Perfecting your Mobile Testing

10 Tips for Perfecting your Mobile Testing
For those who are new to mobile testing or new to game development. Here are 10 tips from our test group to help you better prepare your game testing:

  1. Setup a plan of attack – Many people when they get a new build for a game want to just unleash on it. Making sure to setup a plan on what items need to be tested in each section can greatly make testing more.

  3. Test often – Some companies will have a daily build of a game to give to testers to make sure their daily tasks from the day before are bug free. This leads to less time backtracking where the bugs occurred.

  5. Get detailed – Make sure every choice and decision is being tested, in my experience as a tester, it’s the very small and unusual things that bring about the biggest bugs. It can be playing with no sound, or changing the text size. The more detailed your testing, the better.

  7. Repeat at nausea – The necessary evil in testing is always repeatability. Repeating your testing on hundreds of devices to make sure that it works is something that has to be done to keep up with good reviews and better scores. TestBird helps greatly with this as similar tasks are given to our thousands of devices to enable developers repeatability that is quick and affordable.

  9. Give testers their own roles – Making everyone do the same testing doesn’t really make for good use of resources. Having some testers acting impatient like some players, having others toy with a specific section of the game, and other doing random game play can create better testing that covers many real world players.

  11. Be detailed in your testing reports – The very reason for QA testing is for making sure things that work work, and to describe why something isn’t working. Developers need this very detailed reporting so they can investigate the issue quickly and find solutions fast. TestBird updated their online testing reports this year to include better testing results and more detailed answers on crashes and freezes

  13. Screenshot everything! – To add to number six, a picture is worth a thousand words. Giving screenshots of the issue has been a crucial element in game testing since QA teams were created. TestBird takes screenshots of every second of game play from startup to shutdown to ensure issues in UI and freezes are not only logged, but viewable to developers.

  15. Prioritize your bugs – Making sure you have a plan with the many different bugs you may encounter will help you in prioritizing the issues and when to fix them, many bug may take too much of your time. Many developers place crashes and freezes as high priority, and UI as

  17. Test on everything – Though the testing process for most games on a mobile device may not differ that much on a console or handheld, the sheer number of different CPUs, memory size, and screen sizes can bring about a ton of testing issues. That’s why TestBird is helping developers with our compatibility testing among the thousands of popular phones available in our lab.

  19. Don’t be lazy with update testing – No game released to gamers will be perfect and the need to update your game on mobile devices is paramount as gamers in the mobile space are even pickier about the quality of their games among the thousands of choices available now and hundreds of games released every month. Take the time to check forums, review sites, and the players commenting on your game. They all had a strong enough opinion to share those feelings online, you need to appease them with updates and quality testing to make sure you haven’t made a bigger mess from an update.

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