TestBird CEO Mr. Liwei: The severe compatibility issues are causing clientèle loss

2014 was a significant year for Tripal-A mobile games (Triple-A, also known as AAA is a classification term used for games with highest development budge and levels of promotion). With mobile games continuously gaining their popularity, Triple-A mobile games have become the preponderant form of mobile gaming on the market. In last year’s GMGS conference, ‘2014: The Year of Triple-A Games’ was the main topic for discussion. Mobile game developers, publishers, third party service providers, distributors and investors are now poised to form a global mobile game ecosystem for the promotion of Triple-A mobile gaming.


As the first mobile game cloud compatibility testing platform in the world, TestBird will offer more favourable policies and guarantees to provide adequate quality assurance for the Triple-A mobile game industry.


TestBird CEO Mr. Liwei and GMGC (Global Mobile Game Confederation) secretary signing collaboration agreement. GMGC is greatly supported by TestBird cloud testing platform.

Analysis of the status quo in the mobile game industry

Usually, gamers walk away from a game because the design is not sophisticated enough, the game is not playable or the story does not seem to be appealing. Truth is, after an in-depth research on gamers, it was discovered that one of the major reasons that caused gamer loss is the compatibility issues. An aspect of the problem which has been long ignored by many content providers, publishers and distributors.

Reasons for clientèle loss


Under the best condition, there is still a 20-30% loss of clientèle right after a game is downloaded. Why? Many content providers and publishers are frustrated trying to figure out the reason for such a low activation rate. After careful analysis, it was found that only 70% gamers actually became active users of the product. What drove the rest away? The reasons are many, to name a few: the installation of the game was unsuccessful, they were unable to get the game started, the game update process failed, they were met with a black screen or a crash. All of these unfortunate events can aggravate the user to the point of giving up.

In addition, it is extremely expensive to successfully engage a gamer to play a game,approximately 1.6 dollars for each gamer. 100,000 lost gamers means 1.6 million dollars down the drain. What must be done to fix this financial haemorrhaging?

Generally speaking, mobile game companies perform in-house compatibility testing, which can be fairly difficult. What we do at TestBird is single out the compatibility issues through the utilization of automated testing, which in turn helps these mobile game companies retain as many users as possible.


Severe compatibility issues

TestBird are now in possession of test reports from nearly 1200 games of 14 different genres, including card games, strategy games, action and adventure games, role playing games, leisure games, etc.

We were able to sniff out severe compatibility issues with most of these games. Based on recent test results, there are at least 20 incompatible device models for each game. Incompatibility is invariably followed by loss of clientèle, which means there goes all that money.

Compatibility is a concept that encompasses issues that can be divided in many subcategories such as internal memory issues, FPS issues. The test generates an overview of the game’s performance which include FPS (frames per second, meaning whether or not the game runs smoothly), the booting time, CPU, internal memory, etc.

Let’s take card games in our test database as an example, 130 out of 1000 games are card games. We discovered 3038 unique issues, which is 40% higher than average. What we did was test out each functions, including registration, login, payments, strategic planning. This way, which segment of the game reveals most issues can be identified. One explanation for this faulty segment is the inadequate amount of developers, the other is the quality of programming.

Choosing TestBird is choosing quality

Our reports are done in a more professional manner than our competitors. Our reports can be tailor-made to fit the international needs of a CEO, a developer or the testing crew. For instance, developers want the test report to help them define problems, so they need 3 key elements, the operating procedure log, screenshot of issues and the chart for performances through time. Having access to these 3 elements enables developers to quickly pinpoint the issues at hand and take necessary steps to fix them.

How to use TestBird

The question on a lot of people’s mind is: how do I use the TestBird service? The first step is to go through the first round of testing, which is free. Secondly, send us your mobile game APK file. We will be able to send you feedbacks within 24 hours. Last but not least, use your new-found wealth of data to fix your compatibility issues, sit back and enjoy an increase of gross revenue by more than 10%.

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