TestBird is bringing 650 global main-stream smart mobile devices covering China, Japan, the US, Europe to showcase its brand new updated testing platform in ChinaJoy 2014

In 2014, the ChinaJoy Business to Business seminar was held at the Shanghai New International Expo Center from the 31st of July to the 22nd of August. TestBird brought 650 global main-stream smart mobile devices to showcase its updated testing platform. The testing platform is compatible with 95% of devices from China, Japan, the US, Korea and Southeast Asia. The TestBird kiosk was situated at section 308, pavilion N1. 31

TestBird is the first global company to launch a mobile game cloud automated compatibility testing service. Listed below are the major features of the TestBird automated compatibility testing:
1. Mobile game compatibility testing with 650 mobile device models covering China, Japan, the US, Europe and Southeast Asia.

2. Mobile game performance testing, which includes FPS, bps, temperature, booting time, installation time, CPU, internal memory, etc.

3. Mobile game function testing of tutorials, activities, recharging, purchases, social networking, coop multiplayer, etc.

It is common to see App automated testing businesses in China or overseas, but TestBird is the only one who can truly perform deep automated testing. TestBird can perform deep testing on every functions of mobile games. In comparison, mobile game user interface is as far as App automated testing usually goes.

Three Reasons Why Choosing TestBird Is The Right Choice

1.TestBird reduces the loss of clientèle due to compatibility issues. TestBird automated cloud testing platform pinpoints 17 incompatible devices on a daily basis. It helps mobile game developers reduce clientèle loss by 5-10% and increase revenue by 80,000-500,000 dollars.

2. It only takes TestBird 2 hours to complete a round of testing. TestBird enables mobile game developers to update their games and reduce beta testing time by quickly identifying and fixing bugs.

3. TestBird enables mobile game developers improve game quality by doing a deep scan of mobile game functions, conducting performance tests and identifying specifics that influence the user’s experience.

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