2015 is Over! Is Your Mobile App Company Ready for 2016?

2015 is Over! Is Your Mobile App Company Ready for 2016?

With the year ending, many great and interesting strides in the mobile game industry happened. With more in store for 2016, is your company ready for the upcoming year? Bigger competition is coming with companies like Activision buying their way into the space and more emphasis on the hardcore gamer. But something everyone might miss is if your app is ready for the new devices coming out this year?

CES is fast approaching, giving us a first glimpse at phones coming out later this year as well as the Mobile World Congress happening in Barcelona in February. Phones and tablets will most likely be center stage and new technology could mean new challenges for software developers creating apps and games for Android and iOS.

Google has announced phones that will be modular and a new Nexus for the next year as well as Asus, Sony, and LG already leaking some great news about their phones. And with a new iPhone rumored, it’s going to be another year of incredible devices running new software. We’ve already seen that there is a big struggle with developers moving to Marshmallow and hope you are prepared with your testing.

As a testing company constantly growing and building our library of mobile devices, we always have an eye on the latest and big mobile devices. With over 2,000 devices already in our labs, we already have one of the biggest mobile testing laboratories in the world. But this next year, we expect to see more devices and more expansion in our library. We hope you will try us this next year and see what thousands of developers have discovered with our quick and precise compatibility testing.

We also hope you have a great 2016 and will continue to grow as we do this year. We expect to provide you with more testing, upgraded reports, new white papers and blog posts, and a very special new mobile testing service that will not only improve your testing, but in how you share your apps with others. Keep following us and have a wonderful few days of 2015.

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