24 hour support at TestBird

24 hour support at TestBird
Understanding that game testing and app building is a worldwide phenomenon, we know problems can happen at any time. There are probably a few questions and problems people might have about our mobile functional testing or technical issues with using our tracking solution or just general questions not available on our website. That’s why we work hard to bring 24 hour support to our customers.
We are not shy to talk to our customers about any issues they have and are happy to work with companies that need our help at any time. 3 am or 3 pm, it doesn’t matter. It’s our responsibility that we strive to make their experience as great as possible so they come back to use us again and tell their friends about us as well.
Our knowledgeable staff will be able to assist you quickly as possible because we are like you and know that customer service at other companies can be painful, long, and unable to supply answers to your issues most of the time.
We hope to bring loyalty from our products and customer service. Please contact me anytime at Luke@testbird.com.

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