5 Android Marketplaces in China You Must Be In

5 Android Marketplaces in China You Must Be In
Most companies in the west tell us they want to bring their game into China, but are a bit timid about which of the hundreds of different marketplaces available for Android devices. Though we can’t cover every one of them, we can help kickstart your research by sharing the most well-known and best marketplaces out today.

Anzhi (http://www.anzhi.com/)

One of the oldest Android app marketplaces in China, it’s also the most well known for its 10 million marketplace installs and a large forum at the site with over 1.8 million visitors daily. It’s located in Beijing, China.


Tencent App Marketplace (http://android.myapp.com/)

Tencent is one of the big players in the web and their QQ products are the most used technology in China. Of course you can expect that this would lead to one of the biggest stores in China. Tencent is located in Shenzhen, China (near Hong Kong)


Xiaomi App Market (http://app.mi.com/)

One of the most popular brands of Android phone today in China is Xiaomi. It made a splash with very cheap and well-made phones. Every Xiaomi phone comes with the Xiaomi App marketplace. Though you can also download it for any phone. Xiaomi is located in Beijing, China.



9game (http://www.9game.cn)

Trade Company Alibaba wanted to expand their products and have bought out UC Web, owners of 9Game.  Since the purchase, it has become a top 5 marketplace in China. The company is located in Guangzhou, China.


Qihoo 360 App Market (http://zhushou.360.cn/)

Qihoo 360 is China’s biggest anti-virus and web browser company. Their products are available for PC and Android. Their store is also seen as an extension to their idea of becoming a one stop software company. Qihoo 360 is located in Beijing.

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