5 Quick Tips on Better Marketing Your Mobile App

5 Quick Tips on Better Marketing Your Mobile App
With more and more apps coming out on iPhone, iPad, and Android, you knew it was going to become a challenge to get your app some of the marketshare among the millions of other apps, let alone the hundreds in your category.  Five years ago just putting up an app, announcing it on a few sites and having some social networking was all you needed to succeed. And as with all things, the more advanced the market, the more advanced you’ll need to be to stay ahead. So what are some quick tips on how to become a better marketer for your app and keep ahead of the group? We’ve scoured the net and found 5 of our favorite tips to help you improve your app rankings.


#1 The app store can make or break a purchase


While most designers are busy with creating the best game/camera/business/whatever app they can, some have fallen into the trap of forgetting to make their app page interesting, informative, and enticing for the user. The app store is the final place a user goes before he clicks that purchase button or it’s the last chance to back out. As a marketer, your job is to entice them with everything you can.  Some examples to help you include:


  • Having a memorable name and icon that people can recognize such what Instagram and Twitter have done with their icons and fun names.
  • Having a great description of the app as well as sharing some of its success will show people the polish on the app and give them a sense of professionalism compared to the other apps available.
  • Screenshots and videos that demonstrate what your app does and the fun or productive ways to use it.
  • Use your Release notes for promotion of new events and contests as well as what items you fixed or added. Many developers take advantage as the amount of text space for release notes as it is much longer than what you get in a description.
  • Use keywords effectively so people searching for your app will find it faster and easier.
  • Make sure to read and work to improve the customer reviews on your app. An app with a terrible score is most likely to die quickly if you don’t fix these issues.


#2 Interaction with your users will build word of mouth


They say in marketing that the strongest marketing tool is word of mouth. Friends telling friends about the great new app and showing off how much they use it will always beat out any marketing campaign. So keeping your customers happy and interactive with the app and their friends is key to great success.


Some have found ways by using in-game requirements that push players to add friends to the game, or using push notifications to share new exciting events from the game to bring your MAUs back to DAUs. Keeping your users happy with actions that don’t annoy them and are seen as useful will build their enjoyment and their interest to share the app with others.


While some developers use Facebook and Twitter to announce new features and contests, having your users share their love for the app using their social networks is a marketer’s dream. Interactions with social media should work hand in hand with both marketing and customer service as customer complaints could be fixed quicker and new great features can be shared and talked about.


Mini-sites are also a great way to promote your app and help build a stronger community. Some sites only leave a front page that links to the apps Twitter, Facebook, or app store page, while others include large wikis, tutorials, and message boards to discuss the app with others and the app makers. As long as communication is open and available for the user, there is the chance of users who becoming your advocates and sharing their love for you and your app everywhere.


#3 Keep your app feeling fresh


There’s nothing like a stale app that was released 3 years ago and is no longer updated by the developer. You can see the age spots on it and you know the bugs will never be fixed. It’s an awful experience and you’d either delete the app or place it in your group of seldom used apps. Don’t let this happen to you.


Keeping your app fresh with contests, bug fixes, and UI design changes will bring freshness to the app and keep users happy. Smart marketers have used large updates as times to cross promote other apps, create buzz, add new features, and use the media and social networks to help bring old users back and new users in. Using app updates effectively will keep your app popularity running for a long time.


#4 Check your numbers regularly


Today we are living in a time with more than enough (and sometimes too much) information compared to years past. Knowing the who, what, where, when, why and how have always been the tools to better marketing in any field and with the power of internet analytics, this power is now easier to use and study.  Understanding your analytics can be frustrating, but the rewards are there for you if you sort out the wheat from the chaff.


First, make sure that you are using a quality app analytic tool like Tracking Bird that allows you to search out what devices are most popular, when they use the app, and for how long. Digging deeper with KPIs and event tracking can help to discover problems such as a level boss that is too hard making players rage quit or a specific feature that isn’t being used enough or too much.


With any tool, the user can create works of art or create a terrible mess. Take the time to study a bit about the analytics and how they can help you understand your users and where things are and aren’t working. Tutorials online and in print can also help you through the process so it can become as smooth as the other side the pillow.


#5 Market smarter, not harder


Marketing can almost be an art form if you are doing it right. The problem of course is how you work on your craft. There are many ways to market a product with newspapers, radio, TV, bus stops, billboards, banner ads, video ads, email lists, web pages, social media, and gorilla marketing. Though you can use radio to promote your app, you’re probably smarter to use your money in something that attracts your audience better.


Take the time to think about who will be purchasing your app and start creating ideas towards campaigns for your app. The best times are a month before and during the release of your app as you can use this time to build buzz for your app. Many websites today are more than happy to try out your app for content on their web pages as well as your app being placed in the new areas of app stores. Using this time effectively with a long preparation time will build more buzz than you thought.


Ad networks can help you as well with their cross promotion of your app on other apps as well as on websites and social networks. Supplying great screenshots and videos is key to getting your future users. Knowing which networks are working for you is also key and having the correct analytics like Tracking Bird to follow which ad campaigns are working for you will help you know where to put your money next.


Facebook advertising is popular as well and can be used if you are great at the tools supplied as well as understanding how to detail your search results and other features. Using Facebook is by itself hard and in the future we hope to share better tips on using Facebook advertising to your advantage in the future.


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