A General Overview For TestBird’s Extensive Mobile Game Testing Report

The TestBird Mobile Game Testing Report is the most extensive and comprehensive report for functional and compatibility testing. Both types of testing are extremely important today as segmentation in the mobile market continues to grow, making it harder to test every mobile device for compatibility. And with the increase in global sales of games from every place in the world, it’s very important to know that your game is working as well in USA as it is in Italy, Cambodia, Japan, and Australia.

The Mobile Game Testing Report is divided into seven sections. Each section provides you with the exact success and failure for each device tested, information in how to fix any issues that might need to be resolved, a summary of what to expect releasing your game into the market today, and recommendations for improving your game’s marketability for future release.


Overview of your Game


The overview shares with a developer the overall results from the testing including a graded score compared to other apps like theirs, the compatibility rating, performance rating, number of users available to play your game, number of devices tested, and a detailed chart describing the devices that tested the app.


Compatibility Comparison to other Apps


With our over 10,000 different games tested in our database, we can give you exact answers on how your app stacks up to the competition and where it’s falling behind. We test for more than just pass and fail as our technology allows us to exactly where problems occurred (installation,  booting, login, tutorial, etc.).


Marketing report for Incompatible devices


With our knowledge of the mobile game industry, we can pinpoint exactly how many users you will lose due to mobile device incompatibility as well as future revenue if the game was released  into the market today.


Summary of incompatibility issues


From the many points a game could encounter functionality issues, this section gives a general summary of the issues received during testing as well as charts that share when every issue occurred and how many devices encountered the issue. This section also includes detailed graphs of issues by brand, OS version, CPU, and more.


Specific Device issues with detailed explanations


This section gives companies a detailed report on each bug and the phones that had issues during each stage of testing. Choosing any phone from this groups can link you to our online logs giving you specifics data during the bug and screenshots taken prior to and during the error.


Performance Testing results


Understanding the time it takes to boot into the game, the CPU usage, and how much memory is being utilized are a few examples of things developers should review for future-proofing and repairing your game. This section gives you the general data and recommendations for increasing performance on specific models in six different fields.


Final Detailed Reports


If you are in need to see the exact information about performance for a specific mobile device, this final section allows for a mobile game maker to quickly check devices information for both failed and passed devices. Links are also available for checking complete logs and screenshots online.


To view the entire report, please click here for a copy of the free sample report.

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