A Key To Success in China’s Gaming Market

A Key To Success in China’s Gaming Market
Entering the Chinese mobile marketplace can be a world in of itself. There are many hurdles that you must face when bringing your game to Chinese gamers. Multiple marketplaces, Increase in server use for online games, Chinese regulations on what is acceptable in an app, and a cornucopia of mobile devices can add complexity to your business plans. Many of the big companies have come to China with high hopes for success and left with their tail behind their legs.
Understanding the Chinese market takes a lot of understanding and cooperation from those already working in the market. TestBird has worked with over 4,000 companies in the Chinese market and understands you need one important thing to succeed in localization, preparation.
Preparation is the key to success, as we’ve learned from our many partners who used us to enter China. The companies that succeed have many great qualities that already placed them ahead of other games: Good translation into the local language, a worldwide appeal in the gameplay, as well as strength in the number of devices it can work with. But learning about the culture of China’s mobile market and how things work, is crucial for success.
China currently has over 20 domestic mobile companies selling multiple models as well as international companies selling devices to the millions of people in the country and not every Android device is created equal in CPU, memory and storage space. Testing for every single form factor can take a lot of time.
TestBird knows that with this amount of fragmentation, it’s extremely frustrating to know what are the most popular brands today and how many should be tested. Through our research and experience, we have done the research for you with thousands of satisfied companies and over 10,000 apps already tested in our labs.
With our experience, we’ve seen games with a large saturation rate not only reach more mobile players, but increased the installation and retention rates. A great example of this was when DeNA worked with us to help bring out the biggest cartoon IP in Japan to China with big results.
By using our automated mobile functional testing, we were able to find issues quickly and help customers repair issues as well as being able to test the multiple models available in China that might not be available in other countries or may have been known by the developer. Finding where the issues are happening in the installation, main menu, and gameplay where freezes, black screens, and other bug occur has helped in better growth in the game and little loss in retention rates from functionality issues.

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