A Super Cookie with Super Results!

A Super Cookie with Super Results!

The Background

Outrun was one of Sega’s first big hits in the arcades. The players would drive a fast sports car past slower cars on the road and try to get to the finish line before time ran out. Many racing genres have followed this game play throughout generations of devices and consoles. Super Cookie Games has recreated the feeling of Outrun with old-bit graphics and today’s humor to create a fun nostalgic game for a mobile device called Thug Racer.

The Problem

Super Cookie has a great lineup of games, but a very small team. With only two people in the company in charge of all operations. Doing everything, including testing, can be overwhelming. TestBird confronted the small company to help in compatibility of their games for the Chinese market and beyond.

The Solution

When we tested the game, we were happily surprised at the results. Zero issues in game crashing, freezing, or UI errors. This is a positive review for an extremely small company. Though there were some minor issues in startup, we have talked with them about the issue in our compatibility testing report and hope that our recommendations will build already on a great start for the company.

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