Our Data Policy

TestBird operates as a third party mobile game testing platform, we receive, process and create large amounts of data on a daily basis. As a result, TestBird regards data confidentiality a priority. We take substantial steps in protecting customer’s data whilst providing quality testing services. Below is TestBird’s partial confidentiality agreement.


1. Personal information and AndroidPackage (APK) provided by the customers are confidential. TestBird shall take all reasonable precautions to protect the personal information, APK and preserve their confidential proprietary and trade secret status in perpetuity.


2. TestBird is entitled to conduct technical analysis on the entire database and reserves the right to utilize and organize any customer data from said analysis commercially, under the premise of non-disclosure of individual customer’s privacy. Even though TestBird spares no effort in protecting customer’s privacy, protection of customer’s technical information from every form of loss cannot be guaranteed with current adopted security measures.


3. Unless with the consent of the customers, TestBird shall not disclose and/or share customer’s registered name, ID number, contact number, home address and other private information to any third party, with the exceptions of:


3.1 Authorization from the customer or customer’s guardian.

3.2 Requirement under legislation.

3.3 Requirement from judicial and/or governmental entities based on legal procedure.

3.4 Under circumstances of legal action or arbitration taken by TestBird with the intention of lawful right and interest protection.

3.5 Provision of customer’s personal information due to the premise of legal requirement from customer’s guardian.

3.6 For the protection of societal good.