Are You Ready For the Holiday Season?

Are You Ready For the Holiday Season?

Christmas is coming
Mobile games are growing fast
Gamers putting pennies
in these games at last.


If you haven’t got your game tested
that surely wouldn’t do
If you haven’t got your game tested
then TestBird will help you

The holiday season is upon us and with the holidays, come new toys and gifts for friends and family. This could include new phones, new tablets, gift cards for Google Play and the App store.


Are you ready for all of these gamers this season? Don’t be a Grinch and hold off on QA Testing. You’ll be surprised how cost effective it is to be using TestBird. Some of our client’s hearts grew three times after using us, (Well, actually their retention went up by 10%. If your heart grows by three times, seek medical attention.)


Don’t let your app become a misfit toy. We can find many of the issues that your workers might have missed or for those who don’t have their own workshop filled with elves to test every popular mobile device in the world. Our over 2,000 devices are ready to help test and report issue in your game today.


Test with us for free this season and receive your testing results faster than eight reindeer and a jolly old fat man going around the world. Just click here for the free trial.

Click here for a free trial

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