ARPG Growth Brings Quality in the Cramp Chinese Game Market

ARPG Growth Brings Quality in the Cramp Chinese Game Market

The Background

“Quan Min Shu Shan OL” by EastFantasy is a F2P Action MMORPG where players choose their classes from the five different elements found in the game. Each class has their own special magic to use within in the game and fighting style. The player will do quests and can encounter large boss fights. The game is in full 3D with the font style looking like it came from ancient writing of an old Chinese paintings.

The Problem

This is EastFantasy’s very first game in a very crowded genre. MMORPGs are making a big comeback in China with the growth of games coming to mobile. ARPGs are topping the list of many marketplaces and so quality and compatibility are key to moving past the many contenders for Chinese pockets. TestBird was brought in to test the quality of the game and compatibility among our mobile devices through our mobile compatibility testing.

The Solution

After helping the company with compatibility and server load testing, they released the game with over 13% of players spending on the game. Next day retention was nearly 50% and 36% after three days, seven day retention was over 28%, far exceeding the average data for similar games in the genre.

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