Automating Your Mobile Game Testing Using Real Devices

Automating Your Mobile Game Testing Using Real Devices
When it comes to launching mobile applications in the market, a thorough testing is needed before doing a release, especially for the most critical applications. Both manual and automated testing is often being done but, most often, the QA process focuses on doing the testing on emulators instead of real devices that the users actually use.


Using emulators and real devices for testing have their own pros and cons and we point out why one might be preferable over the other:


The Advantages of Using Emulators in Auto Game Testing


Small businesses and developers who are just starting out might prefer doing their mobile application tests using emulators. This technology is often free and being provided as part of the SDK so there is no added cost associated with it. Using emulators in auto game testing is also very simple and straightforward – all you have to do is to download and install them in your PC.


The Downside to Compatibility Testing Using Emulators


Unfortunately, using emulators is not exactly the same as using real devices that end consumers use. Even if things go well during the emulator test it does not mean that it will work 100% on an actual device. Other problems that could arise with simply using emulators for android game testing, for example, include hardware and software differences such as varying network environments and computing resources.


Using Real Devices to Do Compatibility Testing


Obviously, doing compatibility testing on real devices for your mobile application can seriously rack up on costs. Small businesses simply cannot sustain testing up to 30 to 40 devices available on the market – and then repeating the process on an updated list of devices every few months or so.


What You Get From Us


What our company does instead is help achieve your goal in getting a bug free mobile application with lesser stress through our laboratory of thousands of mobile devices to test on. Functional and compatibility testing is already covered with devices of different operating systems, brands, form factors and other hardware and software configurations.


Getting our help to get your auto game testing done will ensure that you can save time and money yet stay on top of the business with a fully functional and compatible application. Our process basically gets your development cycle lessened as our accurate and fast testing process can already provide results in as little as 24 hours.

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