Being Bitten by Bumbling Bugs

Being Bitten by Bumbling Bugs

The Background

During the golden age of Hong Kong Cinema, the Crime Noir movies were big hits in China and abroad. Talk of underground mafia and the struggles for power in one city brought about novels, TV shows, and movies. This year, Studio wasp, a Japanese mobile developer, created a new visual novel (aka choose your own adventure) game that allows players to play as a heroin fighting for revenge against a rival mob.

The Problem

The game, Red Spider, was built on Adobe Air, a platform that allows for a game to be produced for PC and mobile at the same time. Adobe Air only accounts for 4% of China’s game development and so hasn’t been very effective in gaining market as other tools have come to the market.

The Solution

Adobe Air doesn’t play well with many of the phones as the game stayed playable for many of the phones, there were issues in how Adobe Air displayed graphics. We recommend game developers using Adobe Air to be weary of display issues and please test on multiple screen sizes as some resolutions could have issues.

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