Being Independent Brings Added Pressure

Being Independent Brings Added Pressure

The Background

Independent game developers are awesome! Many create games that start new revolutions in gaming and experiment with game design that might be too avant-garde for for bigger game companies. Line Ninja is a game developed by Jaime Haynes of ComboPear Games. It’s a basic endless runner game with a lot of features like Achievements and leaderboards.

The Problem

Like many independent developers, they are not very time-sensitive in development, but incredibly money sensitive. Getting more than one phone to test a game is asking for too much as budgets are very tight. Luckily, TestBird is known for quality testing at very affordable pricing, allowing us to help out in testing the game among our thousands of phones.

The Solution

We were impressed with the results as testing ended with a great score and very little issue in crashes or freezing. Though there are a lot of optimization that needs to be done, this is expected in many independent developers. We hope to work with more and give them advice that benefits their games and future careers.

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