Benefits of working with TestBird again and again

Benefits of working with TestBird again and again
Companies in China have been coming to us again and again for their compatibility and functional testing. We could say it’s because of our quick 24 hour turnaround time for testing, or our large and comprehensive testing report that they keep coming. But I think it’s because we do a lot more. We bring quality pricing and customer service to our customers.
Our customers are companies bringing fun and entertainment to their users and need to make sure that there are no issues in their games. They want the dirty task of functional and compatibility testing their mobile game to be done by someone professional, quick, and with quality work. We do that because there are a lot of other companies fighting to be the best in Asia. Our quality staff has many years in the mobile testing business and are always working hard to improve our testing and make better results.
We also love to give discounts. We are very happy with our return clients and those who work with again and again gain better discounts in their testing. Whether it is with our normal testing that tests over 90% of the world market mobile devices or our “a la carte” testing that lets companies test on a specific number of devices. The more you work with us, the better the discounts.
With Quality pricing, good customer service, and our fast return of testing reports, it’s no wonder we are the #1 game testing company for mobile developers. Try a free demo if you still aren’t sure. We think you’ll love us.

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