Brazillian Game Developer Makes Game for Charity

Brazillian Game Developer Makes Game for Charity

The Background

Brazil is known for a lot of hot things: Hot food, Hot weather, Hot Girls, and now Hot Games. The country is increasingly becoming the fastest growth country in South America and climbing up mobile game revenue. Gamers in South America have had trouble with gaming due to laws and political strife, but with a passion in computers and new phones, Games are coming out of the country that are impressing many.

The Problem

Guess If You Can is a puzzle game created by Lar Escola Jêsue Frantz, a non-profit organization that created the game to help fund their organizations efforts to better the community with free services. Making sure the game is a success for the developer is more of a challenge when it comes to non-profit revenue. TestBird gave the company a free test to see if we could help.

The Solution

TestBird found virtually no issues with the game though did note issues with integration with Google. Google’s account creation crashed on many newer phones, bringing questions of future integration of apps with Google. It is something we are investigating as more games integrate with Google’s game services.

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