Bringing China’s leading test technology to Hong Kong and Taiwan

Bringing China’s leading test technology to Hong Kong and Taiwan
Contributing article from our Chinse TestBird Blog writer, CShine.
In June of this year, “Dragon and Wizard” rose to the top of Taiwan’s marketplace with good performance in mobile device compatibility. What many people do not realize is that the good compatibility was propelled through the help of the expertise of TestBird.
As the world’s largest mobile device cloud testing platform, TestBird is currently testing with businesses covering Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan. We are helping them by having compatible devices that are popular in the region but supporting better game adaptation to mainland China, Southeast Asia, and other mobile devices areas as well.

 Android Compatibility Testing is the priority for Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan

Since HTC started creating Android mobile devices, the mobile device market in Taiwan has been firmly in the control of Android devices. Data show that the use of Android devices in Taiwan are more than 75%, a far distance ahead of the share of IOS devices. HTC and Samsung are the leading two brands in the region and eat up more than 20% of the total market.


A Similar situation is occurring in Hong Kong. Data includes LG, Samsung, Xiaomi and other top brands have good market share. Apple market share is relatively less. For example, a 2013 report showed that the iPhone 5s was the only Apple device ranked in Hong Kong’s top ten phones.
Since Asia has a preference for large screen devices, Android devices in Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan are the most popular. Device purchasers in Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan are concerned about the compatibility of Android models as well. In the presence of the fragmentation of Android devices, the publishers need help in combating this issue.

To improve compatibility, TestBird works with Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan manufacturers with their leading testing technology

As mobile games testing experts, TestBird’s Eagle eye technology, with its world’s leading mobile game engine testing technology, can go into a game and automate various aspects of the internal tests in-depth with automation and can be done within 24 hours. This completely changes the original clumsy and very inefficient manual testing and has brought revolutionary changes to enhance the mobile games production efficiency and quality.
Currently, TestBird is testing apps in Europe, America, Japan, Korea, Southeast Asia, Russia and other locations across the globe. We already have more than 5,500 partners and tested a variety of games numbering over 16,000, to become the world’s largest mobile app cloud testing platform. For Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan market, TestBird has also established a complete library of mobile devices in our labs, reaching 95% coverage of the local mainstream models for Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwan. Whether a developer wants to expand to Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan local markets, or enter the mainland market or to Europe, Japan, Korea, and Southeast Asia, They can enjoy TestBird’s leading global test services that quickly help them optimize their products and reduce churn.

Accelerate the localization process, help Chinese mobile devices enter into Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan

TestBird’s market share in China has reached 60%, these customers demand for more customers has made Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan regions even more important than before. Currently, in addition to testing services outside mainland China, TestBird also provides testing services in overseas markets for those outside the country, including Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan markets
TestBird is also investing in games coming from Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan using our platform, to help the region enter the Chinese market. TestBird believes expansion into these regions will be another cornerstone of their global strategy.

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