Bringing Emerging Markets to Compatibility – Case Study

The Problem

Indonesian game company Kardus Imajinasi Studio had created a picture puzzle game Tebak Gambar for the Indonesian market. With Indonesia being one of the fastest growing mobile device population, making sure that their game would work with all the popular devices was key to success among one of the hundreds of young app development studios.

The Solution

The company had heard about us after TestBird spoke at the China-Indonesian Mobile Game Conference and requested if we could test their game for compatibility issues. When we were given the app, we began to search for the most popular devices being used in Indonesia and Asia based on our own research. After securing the devices from our lab, we were then able to prepare a test case for these devices using our state-of-the-art testing allowing us to test the app on all of the phones at once, shortening the testing time significantly.

The Result

After completing the test, we were able to prepare a detailed test report sharing all testing issues. Inside the report, there was a discovery of compatibility issues with half of the phones that were Qualcomm CPUs and with phones using Android 4.4 and above. We requested Kardus Imajinasi to review the issues before final release of the app.

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