Exclusive  CAMIA  Gift 

Try a free compatibility test (retailing $500 USD) provided by Testbird for a DAU Boost !

For a new game, you may face the issues:

× Incompatibility with the thousands of Android devices due to bugs, crashes, freezing, and system failure.

× New players leaving your game in the first 5 minutes due UI problems, constant crashing, or your app failing to start on their phone.

× Lost revenue due to poor user retention and DAU.


Testbird can provide:

√Test apps against our 1500+ mobile devices.

√Increase your user retention by 10% or more!

√Save you time with a turnover of 24 hours, compared to weeks of testing in-house!

√Send you a comprehensive testing report that includes screenshots and test logs

Try it now! This offer is only available for CAMIA members!



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