CES 2016 From An App Developer’s Point of View

CES 2016 From An App Developer’s Point of View
CES 2016 came to a close last week and though we didn’t go, A lot of great news came out that we thought might be of interest for the app developer of 2016.


Mobile Devices

First, new mobile devices arrived from China and won a few awards from some websites. Huawei came out as the big winner with the internationally upcoming Huawei Mate 8. With 32GB/3GB RAM or 64GB/4GB RAM versions coming out this year, it’s one of the more impressive phones. Huawei had a big 2015 with Google announcing the company would build the newest Nexus. Huawei uses HiSilicon CPUs which TestBird has seen as having the least issues with gaming apps, beating out Samsung and MediaTek CPUs.
ZTE was also at the conference showing off the ZTE Grand X 3 and ZTE Avid Plus. Both are reasonable devices for budget users in America, but our early testing last year showed that ZTE has been giving poor results in our mobile game compatibility testing. Developers will need to take interest in testing apps on more devices as more Chinese brands enter foreign markets in 2016.


The big buzz this year was VR and wearables. Apple watch hit a nerve in 2015 and everyone has started to catch up with their own. Huawei showed off stunning watches for ladies, while Samsung had belts, bags, and a workout suit that tracks your health. Fitbit also showed off some new features in its wellness watch. More questions about whether wearables are still a fad are still being discussed, but it did wow many looking for the cutting edge tech.

Internet of Things

IoT is an enigma by being both interesting and boring at the same time. “IoT” really means adding internet connectivity to your everyday items. Refrigerators that can access the internet, home cameras available to be viewed from an app, or even baby monitors that can measure a baby’s heart rate and oxygen levels and allow you to keep records on your phone.

Netatmo’s smart security camera with flood light

There are a lot of great and strange uses shown at CES. And with an app being needed for all of these products, TestBird is hoping to be able to try out a few before they head out to the general public.

Cars, Cars, Cars

Seems CES is becoming more a car show every year. With companies showing off new technology like mirrorless cars, hand gestures, and Tesla’s new update allowing for the car to park itself into the garage. App makers are getting into the car industry adding more connectivity into the car every year. Gizmodo had a great article on all the news that happened at CES and a big of their own opinion. Though Testbird doesn’t do car app testing, if it’s anything like mobile apps, be prepared for a bumpy ride for a few more years with app integration.

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