China Trends to Popular IP for Success in the Mobile Game Market

China Trends to Popular IP for Success in the Mobile Game Market
Tecent, Netease, and many smaller developers were adventurous in their development of core games in 2015. But some of today’s game developers in China are starting to look into Chinese IP used in TV, movies, and books to build popularity as competition in the mobile game space grows.
We at TestBird have been testing some of these games as many new IP games are using our services for better quality due to the needs of the IP owners and a guarantee for better success with customers. We would like to share insight on two games from our testing from last year.
Variable Sky by Zeus Interactive, is an ARPG created from the very popular novel Dòu pò cāng qióng written in 2009. In order to promote the strong IP games, Zeus Interactive was asked to endorse the game in advertisements.
Testbird was able to help Zeus Interactive through our compatibility testing service, testing the game against hundreds of mobile phones with automated testing that generated a test report that was sent to the company. Data show that the first test of Variable Sky gave the game a retention rate of 69.2%.
Though this is average for most games in China, these are unacceptable for high cost and quality games and helped the company to upgrade their quality before shipping the game.

IP should pay more attention to the prevention of loss

Another popular IP game in China last year was The Journey of Flower by Skymoons, another ARPG based on a novel as well as a TV drama that co-released with the game. If you want to learn more on the game and see our case study on compatibility testing, click here.
Many video games fans in China are spending more time and money on strong IP that use network play. This has led to a bigger need to create stress tests for servers to test out when surges of fans enter a game.
The Journey of Flower revealed that behind every the war being fought on the screen, another war with server performance is taking place. Once the server begins to tumble, Gamers leave games fast. But with great success online with promotions, recomandations, and user reviews, more gamers flock fast to download the game and the server performance starts to fight back. Who win the war of stability for servers?
In order to ensure a good online experience won’t be lost due to the sudden influx of players, Testbird helped Skymoons by providing server pressure testing. This helped Skymoons to understand how to withstand the pressure of rapid growth instead of a high probability of the whole server crashing in one fell swoop after appearing in a few marketplaces.
If you need help during your next testing stage or with user retention, please try out our service for free or email us

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