ChinaJoy Opening Day – Developers looking at ‘Bird’

ChinaJoy Opening Day – Developers looking at ‘Bird’
On the 30th of July, TestBird opened its booth W5-B732 to visitors from all over the world. The appearance of TestBird’s overseas marketing manager Luke Stapley had attracted people from the mobile game industry to come and seek advice.


According to Luke, TestBird provided its mobile game testing service to over 4000 mobile game developers and companies worldwide. Games such as ‘Crossy Road’, ‘Cut the Rope’ and ‘Hearth Stone’ are 3 of the 10,000 games TestBird had tested. The overseas developers expressed great interest in TestBird’s global expansion.



Having learnt that the hit Taiwanese game ‘Dragon & Elves’ was tested by TestBird, Anson, the founder of the Taiwan Game Industry Promotion Alliance, was delighted. Anson indicated that the Taiwan market needs a professional mobile game testing service provider like TestBird because most developers still test their games manually, which leads to uneven standards and game quality. Anson said he hopes to see TestBird’s business start in Taiwan and provide first-class testing services to improve game quality.


In the booth, also sat the product manager of TestBird, Luo Hao, who is in charge of their new product, the ‘Advanced Mobile Attribution Analytics for User Acquisition’. This new product came into being due to the booming Chinese mobile game industry and globalization. Taking one’s games abroad has become a trend everywhere in the world.


However, the Chinese mobile game companies often find it difficult to locate good overseas internet traffic, which makes advertising a great challenge. The latest tracking attribution algorithm points advertiser to the advertising platforms with the best performance, helps advertisers save budget money and brings the most efficient ROI.


During ChinaJoy, anyone who registers as a TestBird’s client can also sign up for two valuable gifts.


  1. Free Compatibility Testing. It identifies mobile game compatibility issues, which reduces budget money and man-hours.
  2. Facebook Global Traffic. TestBird is able to analyze the source of different traffic based on its data analytic model and helps developers and advertisers acquire high quality traffic in the overseas markets.

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