Choose Only The Mobile Devices You Need For Testing

Choose Only The Mobile Devices You Need For Testing
Sometimes choice can be a challenge. But having the options available makes things much easier than no choice at all. TestBird understands that you might want choices when testing your games. It might be too much for your needs or not enough. It could be that you just have five phones you want to test and not the hundreds you get in the basic plan.


TestBird learned quickly that there needed to be an option for choosing specific phones that might have failed the first test and need to be tested for the new version of an app. That is why we also allow for à la carte choices when you work with us.

How does it work?

Customers can buy tokens that can be used for individual phone automated testing. With hundreds of device types, you can choose exactly what device you want to test and pay only for them.

How many tokens can I buy?

You can purchase the exact amount of tokens you need for your project, or can buy in bulk for your company. Bulk orders come with bonus tokens. Contact us for more information on bulk purchasing.

What’s the Process?

After choosing your testing type, choose the region you are interested in testing in. Then choose the custom device package.


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You will then be given a list of the many phones available to choose from depending on operating system, storage, resolution, and manufacturer. If you know the exact device, you can use the search bar in the upper right.


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Once you choose the device, you can add it to your group by clicking on the checkbox


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Finally, press the save button and give your list a name.


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You can then choose the list and continue the process as any normal test.


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If you have any questions about our à la carte testing, please contact me anytime at

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