Choosing the Right Testing Plan for You

Choosing the Right Testing Plan for You
TestBird’s compatibility testing is the premier product at TestBird. It allows many developers the opportunity to use a service that stands above many others in our industry. If you are interested in a free trial, click the button above. When a developer uses us, they already get quick, 24/7 customer service, but also:

  • Testing among the over 2,000 real mobile devices in our lab. Never emulated!

  • Your APK tested and a custom report given to you in as little as 24 hours

  • A report that includes:
    • Grading compared to other games in your class
    • Retention rate loss due to incompatibility
    • Comprehensive issue reporting for each device that fails or has issues
    • Second by second screenshots and device logs for all tested devices
    • List of all mobile devices used in the test


  • Added support after the test


Testing Plans

  • The 300 device plan: This plan has been made and is constantly updated to include the top 300 devices for your region, allowing for 90% – 95% coverage of all phones used in the region. This plan is highly recommended for your primary compatibility testing as it will include devices from the newest and strongest devices to the low-end 3 year old models, allowing for more coverage of OS, screen size, CPU, memory, and more.


  • Custom device plan: This plan allows for testing for specific phones that either failed the first test, or a developer feels need to be tested due to a common error or personal assumption on. These tests are used with TestBird coins. These coins can be purchased by themselves for one particular task, or in bulk with purchase bonuses. Please contact for more details.


  • Eagle-Eye Technology (optional free service): This service is included in the 300 device plan as well as the custom device plan. Eagle-Eye allows our company to do deeper and more accurate testing using a game engine’s object list instead of automated actions. This requires an SDK to be inserted into the game. For more information about Eagle-Eye Technology, please read our blog post on the subject.


Please note: All plans require an APK for testing. We never share an APK to any third parties or our partners and understand your privacy. If you feel there is an issue or need more information about our policies, please contact us:

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