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We understand you. When it comes to testing, it seems to be a tiresome task sometimes. So many phones, so many operating systems. Spending time trying to test every phone and report every bug seems too expensive and time consuming for you. But for us, it’s a quick and painless job in our automated testing lab. Mobile game development can be a tricky thing.


Our goal is making sure your games are bug-free with our automated functional mobile game testing. With so many devices on the market and so little time to test, we want to help you get your game out to the market quick, with no issues and playable to everyone.

How It Works

With our “Eagle Eye” technology, we are able to look even deeper into your game and into the game engine itself. This allows us to log all the actions of a player during game play. By doing this, we are able to automate gameplay and report every action done in the game with charts and screenshots. Learn more about “Eagle Eye” Technology.

Functional/Compatibility Testing

With a laboratory of over 1,000 different mobile devices, we provide you with an array of different choices to test from. From different mobile operators, brands, locations, operating systems, and form factors, we can test your games from any stage of a players experience for any bug they might get.

Performance Testing

Even if a mobile device passes the functionality testing, doesn’t mean it’s working properly. To make sure of performance in your games we provide you information about the performance of a game with every tested device, delivering an easy to follow chart describing CPU and RAM usage, device temperature and more.

Localization Testing

Bringing your game to a new country can be intimidating. But we have the experience to help you succeed with a large array of devices that are played all over the world. We have devices for China, USA, Japan, Korea and more.

What You Get


Save Time in Development Cycle

Automated game testing at TestBird is fast and accurate. We can provide you a report with all the results in as little as 24 hours.

Save Costs in Real Devices

Purchasing inventory of mobile devices every year, storing the devices, and making sure not to lose any of them is expensive in time and money. Let us take care of that.

Save Time to Market

We pinpoint where the bugs are allowing your development team shorter bug squashing session and less crunch time.

Increase Player Retention

We increase player retention by over 15% by helping you find where your player loss is happening and allowing you to increase your revenue.

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