Eagle Eye - Target with Precision
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Eagle Eye Technology

Our industry leading eagle-eye technology lays in the core of every TestBird’s product. This revolutionary tracking technology targets game engines (Unity,

Cocos 2D, etc.), identifies mobile game’s internal objects and fundamentally improves mobile game testing. Any mobile game company can benefit from our

eagle-eye technology and obtain multifold data without any surplus of workload required.

Let’s picture a football match where the eagle-eye technology ensures the accuracy of the official decisions, TestBird’s eagle-eye technology likewise guarantees

that every single moment of a mobile game will be recorded.

Eagle Eye Technology-Objective Recognition

Cutting-edge Testing with Pioneered Object Recognition Technology

TestBird breaks down the 3 major mobile mame testing barriers:

  • Compatibility Issues Caused By Screen Resolution.
  • Inaccurate Positioning Due to Motion of Objects.
  • Randomness During Game Play.

Enable recording of the same script to be played back on hundreds of mobile devices.

One-Stop WEB IDE Services

TestBird TestStudio is generated from advanced Web technology. It creates an interactive IDE environment and supports script writing, modification and cloud platform playback.

  • We provide interactive IDE environment.
  • Support customized script, including script writing and script modification.
  • Support Cloud platform playback.
Eagle Eye Technology-Web IDE

Eagle Eye Technology-TestBird Test Analyzer

Correlation Analysis On Real-time Indicators

Continuous recoding during the whole testing process, including:

  • Performance Indicators: CPU, memory usage, I/0, bps
  • Screenshots of the ongoing game play
  • Logs

Six Tools Redefining Mobile Game Testing

Device Compatibility Testing

Installation, activation, tutorial, and performance testing on 1000 Android devices and tens of Android versions.

Crowd Testing

Experienced gamers closely examine the game within parameters set by the developer with a complete report

Payments & Security Testing

Ensure that you can collect for in-app purchases with various payment solutions without error in any billing environment;Scanning of your source code to ensure absence of viruses, adware, malware, e

3rd Party SDK Testing

Validate specific requirements of multi-channel SDKs including registration, login, payment, and other core functions

Server Load Testing

Testing of server and clients by simulating tens of thousands of players

Game Play Testing

With TestBird's object-based testing, any function, scene, branch, or object can be tested automatically.