East Meets West, Doesn’t Go As Planned

East Meets West, Doesn’t Go As Planned

The Background

Some Chinese game genres are coming overseas. One example is the collectable hero RPG battle system that is found in Dungeon Crash by Firefly Games. The game allows players to collect new fighters to fight in groups against monsters, boss battles, and PvP. The game is awesome, but has a few issues.

The Problem

When we tested the game, we found multiple bugs including crashes on different brands and models. With our advanced test reporting that helps show second by second screenshots and logs of where crashing is occurring, companies can pinpoint issues that may only be common to one device, CPU, or more.

The Solution

Today, because of our help, they have updated their game and fixed major bugs that were dropping its ratings in the Google Play store. As one player remarked:

Yea most of the major bugs have been fixed, I’m just glad I can play again 🙂 keep up the great work guys

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