1. What is your testing algorithm? / Is TestBird a software?/  How do you test?

TestBird is not a software. We are a company that provides solutions to your mobile game testing by using a cloud automated testing platform. Our testing procedure is as follow:

  1. Upload your apk to our web page.
  2. Our testing crew will accept your request and start recording scripts. Your game scripts will be tailor-made (We offer evaluations on: installation, sessions, logging, tutorial and uninstallation testing at the initial stage).
  3. After the recording is complete, we will test the scripts on various device models on our cloud platform.
  4. After the testing is complete, a result analysis will be generated and sent to you.

2. Can testing help determine whether crashes are inevitable or will a pattern of errors be found?

We only test each game once. Installation and performance are considered separate testing requests. If you would like to have your game tested multiple times, please apply for a multiple testing task. If you would like for us to pinpoint exactly when / where the crashes happen, please specify your request.


3. Deep testing requires SDK implantation. Where should I go to download the apk file and the jar file for the SDK implantation?

Our deep testing service is only available after business negotiation. SDK implantation cannot begin without a mutual consent.


4. Do you test APPs?

TestBird focuses on mobile game testing, we are striving to become the reference in mobile game testing. However, we do have the capacity to test mobile game related APPs as well.


5. When should I consider testing my game?

  1. Considering the severity of compatibility issues, the sooner you fix all the bugs the better.
  2. A full-cycle testing is still necessary whenever a new version is released. Automated testing can help you save valuable time and can be done repeatedly with zero effort.
  3. We suggest a comprehensive testing before releasing your game to the market as releasing a buggy product will obviously create backlash in the reviews circuit.
  4. Once the game is released to the market, unresolved compatibility issues will make you lose clients and damage your business.

6. How often do you take screenshots? Are the screenshots only taken when a problem occurs? And will I be able to see the progression and evolution of issues through time?

Our testing crew take screenshots according to a timetable, however, the timetable may vary depending on each testing task. Problem duration can be calculated based on the timings on the screenshots.


7. The mobile game industry is undergoing rapid development. It only takes 2 to 3 weeks to develop a new version during debug stage, which means every version is different due to data adjustment or bug correction. The question is, at which point should testing be involved? Is it after a new version has been updated? Or should deep testing be done before releasing?

Even if game versions are updated regularly the core technique and basic functions stay the same. Once the script database is established we will be able to perform deep testing on all versions.


8. Do you only test the mobile data stream between login and the end of tutorial?

We do not test the whole of the mobile data usage, we select certain points according to the script. At each point there is a bps reading, we take the mean value form all the bps readings (on every device).


9. Where does the script end?

For free testing: the end of the tutorial.

Deep testing: according to customers’ demands.


10. What if the customers cannot adapt their games due to not having certain device models in possession?

TestBird will launch its remote-rental device service and help you test your game without you having to purchase said device models, thus cutting down the costs associated with testing.


11. Can you test a game that updates frequently?

The quantity of the data will multiple since updating requires you to test anew across a whole slew of mobile devices, the update process will extend drastically if dozens of devices are updating all at once. In order to obtain a better testing result, we suggest you to upload the entire ROM package.


12. Why does TestBird still test out-of-date/ low-end device models?

  1. There are very few games that can be played on old device models. Therefore there is a greater chance of grabbing loyal gamers. We suggest you to consider compatibility testing for the old model and low-end devices.
  2. We kept this service because there are still customers out there who require game testing on old device models. We aim to serve our customers any way they should need it.
  3. Whatever devices can be bought on the market, we have it. We also bring in new models regularly.
  4. You can choose the models you wish to have your game tested with.

13. Since you test day in day out using the same devices, could it be possible that the testing will generate faulty reports due to the deteriorated conditions of the devices?

  1. Our testings are based on simulated game played by real gamers (perfect device condition is not ideal for testing).
  2. We clean up our devices regularly (including reset and restart).
  3. We also monitor our systems in real time (to identify and fix errors).

14. Are your methods of selecting mobile devices scientific and comprehensive?

We take advices and suggestions form major publishers such as Umeng to make sure we cover more than 90% of main-stream device models on the market. In addition, we bring in the latest well-received models, popular CPUs and operating systems regularly to enrich our supply.


15. Why doesn’t the report highlight the compatible devices?

Our customers are primarily concerned with the incompatible device models and device models that require improvement. If you are interested in certain models’ compatibility data, please contact us and we will provide you with the information you need.


16. Why can’t I find the frame rate section?

SDK needs to be implanted in order to display the frame rate reading. SDK implantations need to be negotiated and authorized.


17. Does TestBird support IOS game testing?

TestBird only support Android system currently. IOS testing platform is in the works and will be available soon.


18. When will safety testing be put into operation?

We are working on the safety testing at the moment. Please find out more about safety testing on our official website.


19. When will stress testing and crowd-sourced testing be put into operation?

Our stress / crowd-sourced testing will be out soon. Please refer to our official website for the exact date of release.


20. When will remote-rental device service be put into operation?

Our remote-rental device service is undergoing rapid development as we speak. Please refer to our official website for the exact date of release.


21. How long does it take before I receive feedback?

It takes 24 hours to receive feedback for paying customers, 36 hours for TestBird members and 48 hours for general users.


22. What are you going to do with the apk files once the testing is complete?

We will keep your intellectual property confidential by uninstalling and deleting the apk and related files after the testing is complete.