Fast & Accurate testing to speed up development

Fast & Accurate testing to speed up development
TestBird has worked hard in trying to learn what their customers want in their mobile game testing. When the company started, there was a need for functional testing that wasn’t available at the time in China. Companies would have to test by hand each new app installation on a number of phones and play the game, and repeat the process for hours. This required a lot of manpower, time, and money not including the stress from the repetitiveness of the process.
We knew from our years of mobile phone development and testing that there was a way we could test without the need of a player from within the OS itself. From this knowledge, we built our Eagle-Eye Technology, allowing for faster functional and localize testing. This was our first step into helping companies. Today, we’ve improved our technology to be more quick and accurate.

Speedy Testing

Our testing technology is fast. How fast? Many of our competition have discussed they can return results in a week. Though this is very fast compared to testing by hand, it’s still too slow for us. We have worked to allow for 24 hour reporting on any game to help developers get back into the game and fix errors without the fear of long downtimes that many might get from our competitors or doing the work in-house. Our testing also comes with high quality and detailed reports about your game.

Accurate Reporting

We included many great features to include more data into our custom reports. This has allowed companies with better knowledge of problems and help them build strategies into fixing these issues. Our technology allows for reporting every moment of the game installation, startup and tutorial with logs and screenshots. This allows a very accurate and easy to follow progression into where the issues occurred and allowing for fast bug reports and solutions for a developer. Having the tools available help not only the developer save time, but the money of the whole company.

Our Results

Since we started in 2013, we have become the #1 functional testing company for China and have is the first and only National Mobile Game Testing Center. We have over 4,000 different companies use our service and the numbers keep growing. This pushes us to continue to be the fastest and most accurate providers of function mobile game testing in the world.

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