Find the Right Marketing Channel for You

Congratulations on building that new app! You’ve already put it on the app stores and have a few downloads already. For many young and inexperienced app development companies, the next question should be “How do we promote it?”


Marketing channels (i.e. the places to advertise your product) are abound with many ways to get people talking about or selling your app for you. TestBird wants to help you out in understanding the many ways to you can market your app. Our mobile attribution tracking service is a great tool to help you track the many different types of marketing channels you choose and helps you optimize your marketing to find the channels that work for you. Let’s look a few that you may or may not know about.


Old Advertising


Website ads – Having someone advertise your game on their blog or creating banner ads has been the tried and true way to get people looking at your app. The other great thing about it is that it’s easy to track. But today, it may not be the most effective. Ad blockers have been growing in the past few years and click rates are still very low compared to other channels. TestBird functionality in understanding mobile web ads and tracking the users coming from these ads with our tracking technology can help anyone know which ads are valuable and which need to be sent to the trash.


Press – Getting a journalist or blogger to test out your app can drive a lot of interest towards your app. Some will even do some of the social marketing for you by sharing their posts and news on Twitter and Facebook. Finding the right press and make a big impression helps small apps grow quickly (e.g. Flappy Bird). Companies like and AppAdvice are great review sites to check.


Search optimization – Using a search engine is second nature now for everyone online. We all know Google or Bing have almost everything you need to find with just a few keywords. Now with research about how people use search engines, we know anything after the first page won’t be what they are looking for and some people are too busy to even look after the first 5 links. So making your app easily searchable is valuable, especially if you have competition fighting for the top spot as well. Search Engine Optimization is key to bringing searches for your app to the top. If you need help, there are tons of books for advanced research. For the beginner though, we recommend Moz’s Beginner’s Guide to SEO.


Email – Newsletters and advertisements used with email is a great way to interact with all your audience. Though many might be into social media, everyone has an email address. Using email to discuss your product or share special deals or updates to your app helps you to communicate easier and in a longer form than a tweet. Adding special deep links can also help you know that they are downloading updates for you app from the email. Tracking this with a powerful tracking system like Testbird’s attribution tracking service is the smart thing to do.


New Advertising


QR Codes – In China, they are everywhere. Bus stops, magazines, billboards, TV shows, and even your personal ID is a QR code. When trying to build your app in Asia and other markets, a QR code is seen as the normal thing to do with your advertisements both online and offline. They also are great for tracking your campaign as users never see the background work done to when tracking them with a system like Testbird. Just a simple scan, sent to your app page, and install.


SMS – Don’t be fooled into thinking a text message on your phone isn’t good marketing. In many countries, getting an SMS is as common as checking your Facebook friend’s status. The SMS is awesome in that it’s bigger than a tweet, and can be checked anytime with their phone. Adding a deeplink that sends the user to your app can help easily track them and help you understand more about your users.


Ad Networks – I love ad networks. They are a big part of the mobile space today. If you want your advertisements in other apps, you either have to cross advertise or use an ad network. Don’t be fooled into thinking all are alike. Many have different specialties and abilities that others don’t. TestBird loves ad networks too and we are integrated with many of the most popular one on mobile. This allows you to try out many networks with many different ads to find the perfect money making deals and better utilize your marketing dollar.




Social Media – This is the most popular and trendy way to announce your app. There are many different social groups to share with including Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Google+, Instagram, and more. There are many great things about social media. It’s easy to advertise to a specific group of users, the ease of feedback from your users knowing they can talk directly to the company and easy to track those who installed the app with the tracking tools found in TestBird’s attribution analytics.


Word of mouth – Tell your friends, family, dog, neighbor, dentist, and others about your app. You’ll be surprised who will become a fan. Sadly there isn’t anyway to track this, so just expect adoration of loved ones and hope that they put in a buck or two towards your app.

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