Five Game Engines To Make Android Development Easier

Five Game Engines To Make Android Development Easier

TestBird has tested over 15,000 games this year and seeing so many come through our doors, it’s no wonder we are excited about game development in China and the world. The thing we love most is the boundaries to game development are becoming as fun and easy as the early games. If you are an inspiring developer wanting to start developing your dream game, let’s help you out by recommending a few game engines that will speed up your development and make programming a lot less stressful.


Unity is a great tool for anyone interested in having almost everything available to them in their game creation. Though it started as a platform that rivaled flash on the web, it’s ballooned into one of the best quality engines due to the company’s commitment to expansion of the product, a strong, helpful community, and its ease of cross platform development. You can find hundreds of video tutorials on the web to help you create a great game.

To try Unity, go to their website here.


Probably the most used development platform in China, this engine is free to use, fast, and allows you to keep all the profits that your game provides. But there is always a catch with free items. With Cocos-2Dx, prepare to learn a lot of programming. Prepare to learn C++ and JavaScript as many of the APIs call for this. This might look like a challenge, but like Unity, the community is growing and are just as friendly as well as the engine being very friendly to developers with great documentation

To try Cocos-2Dx, go to their website here.

Unreal Development Kit

Developers have been known to make pretty epic games from this engine and have just earlier this year allowed for free development on it. This allows you the same power that corporations have on making epic games. This can be very both awesome as you can make stellar games, as well as frightening as these games could require huge skill as well as many options and settings to choose from in the engine. Being new to mobile may add complexity to the learning curve. But if you hope to take these skills as a way forward into bigger opportunities, this is the best of the bunch.

To try Unreal Development Kit, go to their website.


That’s right, HTML 5 has grown up from just a web language to a full fledge game engine as well. Many like it as it plays very nice with iOS and Android, making games less buggy. But be prepared as many games will not have the complexity of graphics and gameplay as games from other engines.

To try HTML 5, we recommend Constructor 2 by Scirra.


Marmalade is not as famous as the others, but has a good reputation with developers big and small. The company totes that a developer only needs to write the game one time and that it will run on all mobile phones. Though it’s a big promise, some of the best known mobile developers have used Marmalade for their games.

To try Marmalade, go to their website.

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