Gamers Steer Clear from Slow Zombies and Slow Startups

Gamers Steer Clear from Slow Zombies and Slow Startups

The Background

Zombie Corps, by ZQ Games is tower defense game that allows players that chance to take down waves of an army of zombies with over sixty weapons, a massive story mode, and a multiplayer player vs. player mode. ZQ Games has made a name for itself with high quality games coming from China and their offices in America.

The Problem

We have tested ZQ Games on many occasions and our testing and their hard work has resulted in 4-star or above ratings. Their newest title Zombie Corps was being released and we were asked to help in their compatibility testing. The biggest issue found during our testing was loading time as it was incredibly long compared to average load times for apps.

The Solution

We have suggested to ZQ Games to improve their startup time, they will need to better optimize resource package size as well as consider asynchronization loading of resources. To help in finding bottlenecks, please refer to Google’s TraceView. It’s a great tool to know when things are loading and the time it takes for better optimization.

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