Getting Started

1. How to Sign Up?

1)Click “Request a Demo” to sign up

2)Fill in all the information required

3)After registration is complete, a confirmation email will be sent to you. Your email address will be your account.

4)Login with your account and start testing now!

2. How to Login?

Users can login through the following methods:

(1) Click ‘Login’ or ‘Start testing’ on the home page (

(2) Enter

After entering your username and password, you will be directed to the brand new TestBird operating system. Now let’s have a look!

 3. How to Use Our Mobile Game Compatibility Test?

Our newly developed operating system makes testing simple as ever, you only have two steps to follow:

1). Create a game version and upload the APK file

i) Click ‘Product center à Compatibility test’ and enter the ‘Compatibility test’ page.

ii) Click ‘Add game version’ button to add a version to your game.

iii) Click ‘Add game’ to upload

2). Create a testing task

i) Select previously created game version and the game, then click ‘next’.

ii) Select testing devices (by brand, operating system, screen resolution and internal storage), then click ‘next’.

iii) Specify testing requirements and click ‘Start testing’.

3). Check testing status and result

i) Click ‘Compatibility test’ and enter the‘Testing record’ page.

ii) Under‘operation’ to the right of the page, click ‘Task information’ to check detailed testing progress.