Global Night- Starry Party, TrackingBird is throwing a VIP party during the GMIC, Beijing

Global Night- Starry Party, TrackingBird is throwing a VIP party during the GMIC, Beijing
TrackingBird is hosting a VIP cocktail after-party for Chinese mobile game developers who are aiming to tackle western markets on the 28th during the GMIC.


‘It will be a secret gathering of the most influential figures in Chinese mobile game sector. We want to share our thoughts on the globalization of the mobile ecosystem and discuss the best user acquisition strategies our fellow mobile game developers should adopt before entering the western markets’, said TrackingBird CEO Wei Li.


The party will take place at 7pm, 28th of April. It is co-organized by TrackingBird and Yeahmobi. Approximately 100 attendees are expected. The location is kept secret to the public. Only guests with invitations hold the ‘key’ to the gathering.


So far, Glu Mobile, Netherfire, Cheetah Mobile, CMGE, NASDAQ, Youzu, MJ Weather, NewBorn Town, TFjoy, PalmJoys, MI, Baidu and NetEase are confirmed guests. TrackingBird also invited renowned entrepreneurs from globally well-known firms.


During the party, the guests will be discussing how to conquer the overseas markets. The new-generation ad tracking platform TrackingBird, together with the global leading advertising platform YeahMobi will gather 100 mobile internet top figures, outstanding APPs in the world and well-known mobile game publishers to celebrate their strategic alliance in Beijing, enjoy exquisite cuisine and get ready to take their share of the global market.


Time of Party: 7pm-9pm, 28th of April
Location: Information limited to overseas publishers and companies’ executives with invitations
Size: 100 attendees
Event Theme: High-end Cocktail Party with Leisure Food
Organizers: TrackingBird and YeahMobi


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