Global Top 100 Mobile Marketers Gathered at TrackingBird’s Secret Party in Beijing

Global Top 100 Mobile Marketers Gathered at TrackingBird’s Secret Party in Beijing
Yesterday evening, the new-generation advanced analytics attribution platform TrackingBird, in partnership with the biggest Chinese mobile performance marketing company YeahMobi held a secret party at the ‘Atmosphere Bar’, China World Trade Center in Beijing.


The evening party was under the theme of ‘Flying First Class Towards Globalization’. Nearly 100 senior executives from Line, Mi, AoYou, Baidu Game, LocoJoy, FLMobile, CMGE, elex, Gamewave Interactive, Foxconn Technology Group, Apus, Xender, SHAREit, Huawei, Wemadee, Tapjoy, Pocketgamer and other industrial well-known companies were invited to discuss quality user acquisition and shed light on Chinese mobile apps & games overseas markets expansion.


The past two years saw a drastic increase in the number of Chinese mobile apps & games going overseas. Advertising and marketing in the overseas markets became a new focus for the Chinese mobile internet sector. During the GMIC summits on the 28th, ‘globalization’ and ‘user acquisition’ were the most frequent topics.


However, there are still notable obstacles for Chinese mobile apps & games trying to make their way to the global markets. Quality user acquisition, moneization, advertising performance optimization and smart marketing are the prior concerns.


‘Today, we are thrilled to have so many global top mobile internet marketers and senior executives here in the house. TrackingBird and YeahMobi would love to take this opportunity to socialize and communicate with the elites of the field. We hope to build a stepping-stone for ambitious Chinese companies with overseas market expansion plans to achieve success’ said TrackingBird’s CEO Wei Li.


TrackingBird officially announced the launch of their new-generation mobile advertising performance analytics platform. Through accurate attribution algorithm, stable servers all over the global, professional KPI reports, bi-lingual customer service, cost-efficient pricing and smart marketing solutions, TrackingBird is capable of helping Chinese companies locate valuable users and assist Chinese mobile apps & games for greater success oversea.


The Atmosphere Bar is situated on the 80th floor in the China World Trade Center Tower 3. It is described as the gateway to the moon. Moon light and neon light illustrated Beijing’s beauty from 300-meters high. With laid-back jazz playing in the background, the guests chatted and socialized in the most relaxing and fun ‘atmosphere’ .


GMIC is still ongoing. TrackingBird set up an exhibition at booth M02. If you happen to pass by or you are interested in overseas user acquisition, please come and say hi. Our ‘stewardesses’ will assist you throughout the journey.


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