Have no QA Team? No Problem!

Have no QA Team? No Problem!
As you might have been reading from our recent postings, testing your app is extremely important to the success of your company. Assuming that an App works on only a few testing models in your lab is not going to cut it anymore. Thousands of mobile devices with hundreds of CPU architecture, memory, and other technology in mobile devices have created such confusion that it’s no wonder you see issues as most comments in the marketplace.
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Compuware did a study in 2013 on what issues people had and found at least 56% of mobile app users has had an issue with their device and an app. With bugs losing 50% of your customer base, you seriously need to test these apps. But if you are an independent developer or a small company, you really can’t hire anyone for QA and will need to spend precious hours doing many menial jobs on your own.
That’s why TestBird was built. As we started in China, we saw a lack of quality in some mobile apps that could easily be fixed with reporting from testing. From the beginning we’ve been working hard to bring the best and fastest reporting around the world. No more need to pay others to QA test for basic compatibility. If you have been worried about bugs and the cost in time and money, you need to talk to us.
We have helped over 4,000 companies help find issues with their apps, are you next? Try us now and see what they already know about fast, affordable, and comprehensive mobile compatibility testing is at TestBird.

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