Helpful Tips for Chinese Mobile Game Companies Monetizing Abroad

For Chinese mobile game developers, it’s hard to know where to go next after success in China. When trying to understand the Asian market as a Chinese mobile game company, particularly entering into Thailand or Vietnam, They need to understand the rapid development in some areas and where the most potential market are growing for example in Southeast Asia.


Moreover, even though North America is a large market with a single-language and high quality gamers, the cost of getting new users is pretty high and users are more critical about the game. Relatively speaking though, entering into North America for a Chinese company is easy and can create great success with a quality game.


But, this isn’t the case as Chinese companies entering the European market as many become frustrated over the complicated languages as well as cultural differences in the European market.


And the lastly there is the South American market, Middle East and North African market, which have not been paid attention to as the key areas because of the insufficient development, regional culture, and different languages. What we like to share are a few ways to develop traffic towards your games outside China.


Popular Advertising Methods

Google Adwords: Traffic coming from Google is good and the Traffic is large with an abundance of high quality users. The disadvantages are the high costs for earlier gamers, the need to manage your account yourself, and optimizing advertisements accurately.


Facebook: Traffic is good and the Traffic is large with high quality users just like Google. But it comes with the disadvantage of constant optimization, which can take up more of your time more than you expected.


Affiliates: the cost for users is low, which is the advantages for many with small budgets, while the disadvantages is the quality of the traffic is very complicated and uncertain in quality.


Ad Networks: The cost can range from low to high, depending on what you need and want. The advantage is some networks will group you with other high quality ads, but the bad can be if the network shows too many ads and leaves you with little advertising time.


Steps in using Advertising Networks


  1. Understand the promotional channels and create a plan for your products before promotion

Plan ahead what strategy you want to use when promoting your mobile game. Think about when to start and end a campaign, your budget, which regions to promote to, CPI (Incentive and Non-incentive for IOS & Android), find your products URL links to App Store & Google Play, prepare promotional materials(including Icon and Banners) and understand the promotional contracts required by some companies that promote your game before signing them.


  1. The choice of data tracking platform right for you

It’s best to use another companies tracking platform because it can save lots of money every month in creating your own and maintaining it. You could also use a data tracking platform from reputable third parties, like TestBird mobile attribution analytics,etc. You should test each of them out to try to find contrast between the platforms before making a final choice.


  1. The Promotional Network

There are lots of oversea promotional networks for companies in China. You can find them through emailing people on LinkedIn, chat with others on Skype, or get introduced directly to them by your peers.


After you meet, understand the style of network, advertisement resources of network(source of the Traffic and the percentage of Traffic composition ), the price and Traffic(rewards and non- rewards of Android and IOS), type of payments(usually paying later )and data tracking mode.


Make sure to understand the data that is given back to you from your tracking platform as well as you’re ad network to better understand what is working and what your strategy should be in the future.

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