Holiday Games Come with Added Expectations

Holiday Games Come with Added Expectations

The Background

South East Asia is quietly becoming one of the greatest development centers in the world. More young developers are creating games for local markets that rival some of the biggest games in the world. Miracle Gates Studios is one of the newest companies in Indonesia to focus games on the local market.

The Problem

Gamer – Game Merdeka, built by Miracle Gates Studios, was created to promote the Independence Day of Indonesia in mid-August. The game includes many activities such as tug-of-rope and sack racing. The game also allowed for multiplayer gaming. As a young company, TestBird was given the chance to review the game to help the company understand compatibility issues with their game.

The Solution

The game did very well with a performance rating of 91. The game also did well in its use of memory. There were some issues with some devices, but all of these devices are not popular in the Indonesian market and shouldn’t effect gamers in the country. The only issue that concerned TestBird was the temperature of some phones as they were slightly higher than average games tested.

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