How TestBird Saves Costs in your Mobile Game Development

How TestBird Saves Costs in your Mobile Game Development
Mobile Game development is costly, but when it comes to mobile games, it can get downright expensive. Finding ways to cut costs while making money on your game is becoming even more crucial today than in the past.


Helping you to save money from your budget is a big concern at TestBird and something that we strive to help you with. We have been working hard to provide you with a functional testing tool that not only saves you money, but the time that takes you away from improving your game.


We Save You Time


With over 24,000 different android devices in the marketplace today, testing every single one of these devices is time consuming and may not even be worth the time. Finding the right phones, and spending your hours on making sure your game works on devices could take days or weeks of your time.


TestBird can help you with our quick support. We are able to save you time by testing your game on our over 1,000 devices covering 95% of the Chinese market and 90% of the world market in 24 hours. We supply you with a customized testing report as well with information on how to better optimize your game and which devices failed completely.


We Save You Money


QA Testing can get expensive very fast, especially at the end of your games lifecycle when fixing issues get more expensive. Testing multiple devices with multiple testers for multiple days can equal multiple headaches as you begin to feel your budget tightening. Lucky for you, TestBird can bring you results in one day with one surprisingly small price. While many companies bill you by the hours testing on a phone, our plan is simple. Pay for only the phones you want tested.


TestBird has saved game companies millions in dollars and hundreds of man hours with our functional and compatibility mobile game testing service. With over 3,000 companies satisfied in our professional testing reports and quick return, we have become the biggest game testing service in China. We hope you will be our next customer.

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