How to make the DAU increase by 21% by using TestBird Mobile Game Testing

DAU means Day Active User, which is concerned by operators because of the important index for a kind of game to test the player loyalty and adhesiveness of users. Methods to promote DAU are numerous, during which the enough attraction to players is necessary while the reasonable operating ways like the appropriate festival activities and necessary promotion means (some rewards for players when log in) are also crucial. However, the operators start to focus on another index which is mobile games compatibility.


The trends of superfluous performance of Android devices and popular mobile games are prevalent and the popularization of mobile games means that game will lose the market by means of rapidly upgrading to earn money. The sustainable gene need to be put into the game when it is researched and developed.


The compatible problem also appeared during the age of Symbian. At that time, the game player should find out the game installation package and downloaded by computers and then endorsed the installation package though endorsement tools by your hands and the last step was to install the game by putting the package into your mobile phone. The reality is that there are few games installed, started, and operated perfectly on the Symbian platform. The developers who can not make profits feel disappointed because of the cockamamie installation process of Symbian and serious compatible environment while Android platform come up with Symbian and can compete with IOS by its more open and relatively excellent compatible ability.


The Android platform seems to good enough while the reality is that the developers can not feel optimistic. It is shown that every kind of game can not operate normally on about 21% popular devices. A series of compatible problems like failure installation, failure start-up, quit suddenly, and stuck are the core reasons. Not a few game developers leave these problems aside when the game starting, while the good mobile game compatibility testing before game starting is a good method to solve these problems.


The promotion of compatibility made the increasing retention rate of game players, which will be helpful to increase DAU at least 21%. There is no doubt that many operators make efforts on the compatibility testing before game launch and the some games which can not pass the testing rather developing again than launch hurriedly. The compatibility testing for mobile game is becoming the popular trend. More than 4000 Industry Magnates like Tencent games, momo games, and rekoo games are using mobile game testing provided by TestBird to test their games. The whole compatibility testing can only cost you a few thousands of dollars to help to redeem thousands of users for game producers. These Magnates are taking actions to improve compatible environment on Android platform and changing the environment of mobile game circle at the same time by unobtrusively and imperceptibly influence.


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