If You Won’t Test, Don’t Expect Success

If You Won’t Test, Don’t Expect Success
When I was in junior high school, I signed up for a junior entrepreneur club that was held every Tuesday after school. Every year there was a competition among the different schools in the area to create a great and exciting presentation using the guidelines from the competition judges.
We were given a mentor that could give our team suggestions, but we were on our own to construct everything ourselves. The presentation was about popping balloons randomly placed on a stage using home built cars in a set time limit. We planned for weeks, fleshing out ideas on how to present a fun and clever idea. Many of the other kids were a lot more enthusiastic about the project than I was, but I helped in building one of the cars.
We finally decided we would have the cars on each end of the presentation stage fly across the stage, hitting balloons, while some students shared a story about the cars and others would dance to our background music. Though things looked great, built well, and were planned well, we forgot one small thing. We never tested our cars.
When it was my turn to release my car, someone (probably myself) had placed different size wheels on each end, making it veer left quickly instead of the straight on that we planned. I had to quickly adjust my angle and pray it hit one of the balloons on stage. Though it felt like hours getting my car in the right position and having it sail across the stage, it hit one of the balloons on stage and the play continued. We came in last place and I learned a big lesson from that. The value of testing is as great as the planning and presentation.
Today, working at TestBird, I use this experience and the many other stories I’ve learned over the years to share the importance of why testing is so important in your mobile game or app. From our testing of over 10,000 games, we have found that those games that hit the top 10 every time are the ones that have been tested with us or have been tested repeatedly for quality and functionality.
Testing is very important today because we are facing many variables in the mobile space that could break an app at any moment. Those who are impatient and don’t do their testing properly with the right devices, have discovered the backlash of poor compatibility with players and received bad reviews, poor ratings, and sometimes the ire of game writers who reviewed their game.
Some might think that this testing is very expensive and takes forever to do. Perhaps if you did all of it on your own. But TestBird is here to help you save money and time. Our testing can give you a report on compatibility issues in as little as 24 hours and you’ll be surprised at our price. Please check us out today or sign up now for a free trial!

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