It’s Beginning to Look at Lot like User Experience, Everywhere You Go.

It’s Beginning to Look at Lot like User Experience, Everywhere You Go.

A recent report from outsourcing company CapGemini about the state of QA had an in-depth discussion on QA from Cars, Health Care, and more. Though it’s a great read for me and those in QA, the biggest statistic that startled me was that companies increased testing in IT budgets by 9%, now making it 35% of the entire budget. This is very worrisome and welcoming news.

The good news from this is that many companies are taking testing seriously and pushing for a better product. 2015 has proven that end-user experience is the hot trend in advertising and other aspects of a purchase. People want things that work and enjoying the process of buying and using the product. Apps like Facebook and WeChat are making experiences for people on mobile and are installed on almost phone on the planet with little issue thanks to constant in-house QA and compatibility testing.

The bad news for mobile developers is compatibility is becoming more of a must as fragmentation grows and an increase of versions of Android and iOS are still in use. This can bring about a ton of bugs that could bring more issues, more complaints, bad ratings, and an overall bad experience for everyone. So increase pressures for more phones to test in-house, more staff to complete testing, and security for the phones are adding up for large and medium-size companies. And if you are an independent developer, this even worse news as more hours will be needed to complete app testing and more anxiety over scores in the app marketplace.

On the bright side of all of this, low cost cloud testing services are on the rise. TestBird, a leading mobile app cloud testing service has tested over 13,000 apps this year and continues to improve upon its QA testing ability for mobile app developers. Developers are surprised at the level of quality and pricing that competes with other services. In addition, 2016 has a lot in store for developers who work with TestBird. If you want to be a part of it, come try us for free with no commitment. With over 4,000 devices, we are sure we can help find your issues.

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