Kugou Games and TestBird Make a Strategic Cooperation

Kugou Games and TestBird Make a Strategic Cooperation
Li Wei, CEO of TestBird, announced at a crowdsource testing conference a cooperation with Kugou Games on 17th , March, 2015, in Beijing. TestBird will provide all game developers on Kugou Games platform with professional mobile game testing service. Meanwhile, the crowdsource testing service will launch soon.


TestBird will provide Kugou Games with two services–mobile game compatibility testing and real public crowdsource testing to help Kugou Games perfect products selection and launch of mobile games.


“The reason why Kugou Games choose to cooperate with TestBird is that TestBird can supply excellent technical support and quantitative index to help us evaluate whether a game is good or not, which will help Kugou Games for reducing time cost and capital cost of game recognition ” said Wang Guangfa, general manager of Kugou games.


As the number one mobile automatic testing platform in the world, TestBird has been approved by more than 2000 famous companies in China like Tencent, CMGE, Chukong Technology Co.,Ltd. and Kugou Games after it’s launch in May 2014. By being the leader in with technical advantage, a high-efficiency service system, as well as creative business attitude, “TestBird will cooperate with all possible companies to create high class gaming in China and abroad.” Said Li Wei.


TestBird will expand its business market and access to the developer platform in order to help partners to use its products. Furthermore, TestBird has already entered into South Korea market for business development.


We believe that a professional third party for mobile games like TestBird will help the industry become more powerful and bring more growth in the future.

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