Making Sure Your App isn’t Regifted

Making Sure Your App isn’t Regifted

The holiday season is coming to its apex and soon people young and old will be giving and receiving a lot of great presents from loved ones. With new toys comes new experiences. Many of those include new apps for their updated phones. Expectations are incredibly high as many want things to work now and can fill the house with fun for the end of the year. Mobile games should be in high demand, so being prepared for the season is crucial.

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As we discussed earlier, Android 5.X already have a high failure rate of bugs that include freezing, closing to the home screen, and others that can frustrate a gamer. So being able to have your game working on every screen is vital.

Many will also be purchasing gift cards for the holiday season to buy new games or micro-transactions for the holiday season. It’s common in North America to use Google Play and the iTunes store for purchases, but some places in Southeast Asia and other areas to use gift cards that work specifically for a game or other marketplace.

TestBird has recognized issues with purchases and login failure and includes the options for our testing team to include this in our Mobile App Testing. This allows for us to test out your purchase SDKs and APIs, allowing you to have less complaints from your happy gamers and lost revenue from gamers who second guess their purchases.

News from last year of Sony and Microsoft having network issues on Christmas day was lost opportunity for everyone involved and frustration for parents with crying kids. If this can happen to the big game companies, it could happen to you. We can stress test your app server for you among our over 4,000 devices. This will allow you an understanding of what is happening before even one player enters your game.

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