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Mobile App Tracking

TestBird Mobile Attribution Analytics is a new-generation advanced analytics for mobile user acquisition. It provides customers with real-time analytics reports, users’ retention rate, identifies the sources of quality users, analyzes users’ behaviors, optimize advertising strategies and maximize their ROI!

How It Works

We provides real-time dashboard to measure each mobile marketing channel and help marketers immediately determine which channel provide the highest value users.

Retention Analysis

Customer Events
One Universal SDK

Flexible Segments
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What You Get

By using TestBird Tracking sevice, you can know where customers come from & who want to spend money on your games. This allows for a better decision to be made in future campaigns and a higher return on today’s marketing budget.


Flexible Business Intelligence

  • Flexible segmentation analysis helps you better organize your attribution data
  • Granular analysis catches each and ever one of the key words and ideas
  • Analyze your ad performance in-depth

Accurate Source Attribution

  • Sophisticated attribution algorithm includes store APIs, identifiers & device fingerprinting methods
  • Industrial standard ‘Last Click Win’ method prevents overcharging
  • The most accurate attribution algorithm guarantees the same device ID will not be attributed to twice

User Behavior Insights

  • Comprehensive retention analysis presents you with a clear picture of user behaviors
  • Helps you locate the sources of loyal users

Transparent Pricing

  • We only charge for non-organic installs
  • Clicks, organic installs and in-app events are Free!

Reliable Tracking System

  • Our AWS based service covers major parts of the globe
  • Comprehensive tracking system ensures an blanketed network coverage
  • We do our best to provide you with a stable and crush-free experience

Efficient Customer Service

  • Chinese speaking for easy communication
  • 24/7 customer service. We don’t leave your problem overnight

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