Monkey King Becomes a Beat-em-up Master

Monkey King Becomes a Beat-em-up Master

The Background

“Immortal Monster Killer” or Da Sheng Zhuo Yao Ji is a retelling of the Monkey King from the Journey to the West book fighting against monsters in an action fighting game. Operations director for the game, Liu Ligang, describes some of the game play as similar to beat-em-ups of the old arcades with large boss battles and a very complex set of skills to master. “We also set up in the scene various traps in order to enhance the gameplay, like falling rocks, rolling fire wood, powder keg explosion, and more. ”

The Problem

TestBird was asked by Phoenix, the makers of Immortal Monster Killer, to help solve a compatibility problem, as the latest version cocos2d-x engine had greatly reduced compatibility issues, but needed a second opinion from real device testing. Liu Ligang, told us that, “The first test in TestBird found about 300 bugs. After 3 months of work with TestBird, the last test only had three.”

The Solution

Immortal Monster Killer compatibility rate ended with over 93 percent compatibility with phones on the market and was available for download from UC, Xiaomi, 360 and other marketplaces around China. A rough estimate is expected to have about 60-70 million users playing the game throughout the promotional period.

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