Optimizing Your Mobile Game Performance With TestBird’s Mobile Game Testing

Optimizing Your Mobile Game Performance With TestBird’s Mobile Game Testing
Game development is said to be the most difficult programming in the world. There are so many steps in building a game. One of the most important for improving the life span of your game is optimization. Optimizing a game is extremely important at every stage of the game development lifecycle. Many gamers in China have commented they wouldn’t download the best games on the internet because they only have access to data plans that cap at 100 MB. PopCap shared at ChinaJoy in 2013 that they could increase their downloads when they were able to optimize the size of the game.


Size is just one of the issues that many gamers look at when they play their game. TestBird tests many other issues that could either make gamers quit your game early. Here are a few other issues that TestBird tests through our functional testing and compatibility testing logs available to view in our sample report here.




Today’s games are getting to the point of almost overtaking handhelds and are already passed last generation’s graphics.  But with all this power comes with a price on your battery as well as customers with older phones. TestBird is able to test second by second your CPU from installation, main menu, and tutorial screens with our over 1,000 devices. This allows us to find where the CPU spikes to extreme issues and with give you screenshots to know where to fix the issue.



Memory has always been the biggest issue for game designers on every devices, especially with the amount of memory in phones of a few years ago versus today’s mobile devices. Most programming languages of today are working to help you with memory allocation, but with TestBird, we can give you an exact location of when your game is asking for too much.


Phone Temperature

A hot phone is like a hot potato, no one wants to hold one and dropping it can lead to terrible results. The biggest concern with hot phones are not only your player’s hands, but the longevity of their phone’s life. Heat is a great way to increase the wear and tear of a phone, leading to players needing a new phone. If they find your game burning their hands and fear for the life of their phone, they might not think it’s worth downloading your game.


Our charts are available for every device tested and available anytime from our website when you signup to be a part of TestBird’s over 3,000 satisfied customers. If you are interested in talking with us, please contact us at Sunny at testbird.com

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